Nov 2015

Over the past decade, there has been a massive amount of change and innovation in the technology space. Without doubt, this has impacted almost every facet of the business environment – from operations, finances, and communications to HR management. Today, businesses are heavily reliant on small innovations that they could not possibly have foreseen several years ago. For example, the click-to-dial tool in emails and on websites has become a necessity for all types of businesses and services – and it is something that many business owners could not have even conceptualised when they first began operating.

When business owners find themselves negotiating leases and contracts with landlords and service providers, they often start on the back foot. Many are coerced into agreements that have hugely unfavourable terms, simply because they don’t know any better. Office telephony provides a classic example. When moving offices, or expanding into new and bigger premises, business owners are faced with questions around their existing PBX systems. What usually happens is that PBX providers convince business owners to purchase a new PBX system for the new space, and to sign a new, long-term contract.