May 2022

Clara Wicht, Senior Product and Marketing Manager at Telviva

Guiding your business on the journey from copper to cloud

ADSL/VDSL, the copper-based connectivity options, have recently been declared as unviable to sustain. We have been seeing various reports since mid-2020 especially, some issued to customers directly and to the media, by no less than the incumbent copper network operator itself. Rampant theft of copper, deteriorating infrastructure and the fact that the technology has been surpassed by modern, more stable and infinitely more reliable terrestrial and wireless options for connectivity, are all contributors to the discontinuance of copper-based commodity services. In addition to the slow but sure disappearance of DSL services, other narrowband copper-based services such as Diginet, Martis and ISDN are sure to be - if not already - retired also. The owners of the copper network can no longer profitably build, maintain or manage it and therefore will no longer replace copper cabling if it is stolen or damaged

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