Jun 2022

Contact centre and customer experience

How new contact centre tech is enabling improved customer experiences

The broader acceptance of cloud by local contact centres not only allows for integration with existing business systems, which enables remote or hybrid working, but also brings about the functionality to synchronise multiple communications channels in a single platform. This data-rich environment delights the customer through more personalised service and also ensures that the needs of agents, their supervisors and contact managers are fulfilled. It is no surprise that a growing number of businesses in South Africa are waking up to the fact that they need to provide a great customer experience if they are to stand out in a highly competitive market. They need to offer their clients the ability to engage on a platform that they are the most comfortable with using, be it social media, instant messaging, email or even through the plain old telephone.  As an added benefit,

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Rob Lith 1280

5G to improve connectivity, enable new technologies in SA’s urban centres

The high costs of both acquiring 5G spectrum and laying down 5G infrastructure means that immediate huge declines in call or data costs often being mentioned in public circles are unlikely. On the other hand though, the availability of this high capacity, low latency wireless connectivity in South Africa's major urban centres has the potential to open up the possibility of new and exciting technologies in a variety of sectors. 5G in South Africa is still at an early stage, and its wider deployment faces several challenges. While the shorter wavelength of 5G signals means that it can carry more data, it also means that the range is much shorter than that of 4G. Operators will therefore have to spend more money on additional base stations - not only for the initial cost of the equipment, but also to power the

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