Your Digital Journey To The Cloud

Our solution is delivered as a managed service from the cloud, is scalable, and generally compliments the digital journey of business. The service is designed to be a secure service with high availability. In our service delivery, we aspire to achieve high levels of transparency and to act in a way that builds trust.

The benefits of moving your business communications to the cloud are infinite. 

Immediate cost savings, flexibility and greater control are primary advantages. But being on the cloud also enables your workforce to work remotely on any device with significantly enhanced efficiency and productivity. And it’s all down to the fact that they can synchronise all business communications channels on Telviva’s all-in-one intelligent platform.


To The Cloud

With your business communications in the cloud, you can enjoy immediate cost savings on call rates through SA’s leading cloud free-call community. And be able to work from anywhere on any device.


In The Cloud

Synchronise all of your contacts, your Microsoft and Google calendars, your existing CRM system to nurture a truly authentic and personal customer experience. Also, reinvent your business processes to increase customer intimacy and operational efficiency.


From The Cloud

Our open standards and APIs enable online tools and services to communicate with each other. So, you have full reign of world-class solutions such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google tools such as smart assistants and analytics, chatbots, and transcription services.

Cloud Benefits


Improved Customer Experience

With an all-in-one Cloud based portal you can benefit from multiple digital engagement channels which could ultimately lead to improved customer satisfaction. Leverage on other cloud services.


Interoperability With Your Back-End System

Our open standards and APIs enable online tools and services to communicate with each other, and interoperability with your back-end processes and systems.


All-in-One Communication Platform

A Unified Communication & Collaboration (UC&C) platform that combines voice, video, chat & third party integrations into a single user interface.


Accessible From Anywhere

Whether you’re working in the office, from home or in a hybrid working environment, consume the service from anywhere, any time.


Environmentally Friendly

Cloud services are a greener and cleaner way to operate your server and IT systems. Refer to this research paper for more information.


Managed Service

Offered as an end-to-end managed service, from ensuring stable connectivity, to providing all the value-added services you could need to enhance your company’s performance.


Secure and Reliable

Gain access to end-to-end managed firewall services that protect your business.


Cost Effective

Benefit from the best value for your money.


Consumption Based

Only pay for what you use.



Scale up or down depending on your changing business requirements.


Third Party Integration

Easy integration with open standards APIs (Application Programming Interface). This allows for integrations with other cloud services / applications such as CRMs (Customer Relationship Management), Voice Biometrics, Speech Analytics etc..


Business Continuity

Whether you’re moving offices, working from different geographical locations or on different devices, you can ensure business continuity with a Cloud based service.