Make Every Conversation Count

With so many disparate communication channels, meaningful customer engagements have become fractured and disrupted. But at Telviva, we have perfected a range of cloud-based platforms that synchronise all the channels on single intelligent portals for more effective internal and external communications.


Voice, video and chat is just the beginning

Our all-in-one platforms also synchronise your CRM tools and your Microsoft and Outlook calendars and address books. And Telviva’s interoperability means easy integration with your back-end processes and systems. Whatever your requirements, we have an all-in-one platform that suits your needs.

Work from anywhere, anytime on any device

Even when your teams are working remotely, your Telviva platform delivers a real-time customer experience that’s seamless, accurate and responsive.

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Your Digital Journey To The Cloud

The benefits of moving your business communications to the cloud are infinite. 

Immediate cost savings, flexibility and greater control are primary advantages. But being on the cloud also enables your workforce to work remotely on any device with significantly enhanced efficiency and productivity. And it’s all down to the fact that they can synchronise all business communications channels on Telviva’s all-in-one intelligent platform.

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To The Cloud

With your business communications in the cloud, you can enjoy immediate cost savings of up to 40% on call rates through SA’s leading cloud free-call community. And be able to work from anywhere on any device.

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In The Cloud

Synchronise all of your contacts, your Microsoft and Google calendars, your existing CRM system to nurture a truly authentic and personal customer experience. Also, reinvent your business processes to increase customer intimacy and operational efficiency.

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From The Cloud

Our open standards and APIs enable online tools and services to communicate with each other. So, you have full reign of world-class solutions such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google tools such as smart assistants and analytics, chatbots, and transcription services.

There’s no question that your digital journey to the cloud will open a world of infinite possibilities. And wherever you are on this journey, at Telviva, we have the experience and the expertise to be your perfect guide.

What Telviva Cloud Services Can Do For Your Business Communications

No more lost calls. No more missed opportunities. Instead, you can look forward to more first call resolutions, more productivity and profitability. And it’s all thanks to the single-view interface that provides your staff with the complete customer history and metrics right at their fingertips.


All your communications channels – voice, video, chat, email, social media – are seamlessly synchronised and made available on any screen, anywhere on a single user-friendly, cloud-based platform.

SA Developed

Proudly South African, our technology has been developed and robustly tested under market conditions since we started in 2004. And the fact we’re the market leader in cloud communications is a testament to the quality of our technology.

One Vendor

Expect best-of-breed, end-to-end managed service, from ensuring stable connectivity, to providing all the value-added services you could need to enhance your company’s performance. At Telviva, we’re your one-stop shop.

Secure & Reliable

We provide nothing less than the best-of-breed cybersecurity with unmatched, professionally managed, end-to-end firewall services. Our reliability is another reason why we’ve earned the trust of 70 000 users across 2 500 sites.

Flexible Integration

Your workforce will enjoy easy and seamless collaboration - synchronised Microsoft and Outlook calendars and address books, WhatsApp, and Microsoft Teams - plus effortless integration with your back-end processes and systems thanks to Telviva’s interoperability.

Cost Savings

Save up to 40% of the costs charged by the national operator, and by joining SA’s largest free call community, enjoy zero-rated calls to your connected branches and other Telviva customers.

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Best Solutions For Your Business

At Telviva, we enable companies to enjoy better quality conversations with their staff, suppliers and customers.

It applies to all companies, big and small, be they office-bound or working remotely.

So, whether you run an SMME or a multinational enterprise, or a contact centre, a customer service team, or a sales team, your staff now have a single synchronised communication platform they need to deliver stellar customer service.

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Cloud Benefits

white icon all in one
Synchronise communication channels

One view of your customer

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Consumption based

Transparency on spending

white icon multichannel
Interoperability with your back-end system

Effortless synchronisation makes for enhanced customer experience

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Work from anywhere

Productivity assured from anywhere on any device

How Best To Leverage The Cloud

Working remotely

Remote working solutions

Maintain the maximum level of proficiency and productivity from any location using any device.

Telviva Desktop tablet mobile

All-in-one business communications

Every tool, every channel, every network synchronised for accurate, real-time and non-real-time communications.

Ai Monitoring

Analytics and AI

Agent management, complete cost control and real-time monitoring with data to help you make more informed, insight-based decisions.

Compelling Events

There comes a time in every company’s existence when some out of the ordinary event crops up. For example, office relocation, needing to scale up or down to meet prevailing business conditions, or maybe moving all your back-end processes and systems into the cloud.

You need to get through these events with a minimum of downtime. So please be assured that at Telviva, we understand the pain points. And we pride ourselves in providing exemplary service levels to get you through any event.

What Our Clients Have To Say

For over 16 years, our range of products and managed services has included basic telephony requirements, synchronised communication and collaboration tools, contact centre technology, managed network & security solutions, and large-scale communication system migrations. 

We’re proud to be South Africa’s largest provider of cloud PBX communications for business. Proud, also, to operate the country’s largest free call community. In maintaining our market leadership, we currently serve over 70 000 users across more than 2 500 sites.