Talk Bundles

The Telviva Talk bundle product is Telviva’s entry-level business offering and consists of bundled minutes, extensions, and access to Telviva One and Telviva Mobile. It is an ideal solution for small businesses with low to moderate call consumption, aiding them on their digital journey to the Cloud. With access to Telviva One and Telviva Mobile, the service can seamlessly be consumed on any device and from anywhere.

The Talk Bundle gives each user access to:

Bundled Minutes

100 minutes per user, aggregated across the customer


Telviva One Essentials licenses
Telviva Mobile

Why Telviva Talk Bundle?

Enables remote working
Any screen, any time, anywhere, any mode of communication.
Whether you are in the office, on the move or working remotely, experience the synchronicity across all platforms whether it’s voice, video or chat.
Move along your digital journey to the Cloud.
Locally developed - able to adapt and respond to customer’s needs
Experience the value of UC&C.
Cost Effective
Competitive monthly rate.
Fixed monthly fee for bundled minutes.
Form part of SA’s largest free-call community.
Easily scale up to a bigger bundle with more licenses and bundled minutes.
Top up once your bundled minutes run out, or use out-of-bundle rates.
Quick Setup time
Deployment and setup is quick and can be done remotely.
Easily scale up to the next bundle as your business expands.
Customers have a choice to top up with bundled minutes or use out-of-bundle minutes once their bundled minutes are depleted.

Package Detail

Bundles are sized from 5 to 20 extensions with 100 minutes per user – aggregated across the client.

A remote setup fee of R1,500 applies, and relevant on-site installation fees.

  • Talk 500
  • R 495
    • 1-5 Licenses
    • Telviva One and Telviva Mobile
    • 500 Minutes to Local Destinations
    • R1,250 once-off deposit
  • Talk 1000
  • R 990
    • 6-10 Licenses
    • Telviva One and Telviva Mobile
    • 1,000 Minutes to Local Destinations
    • R2,500 once-off deposit
  • Talk 2000
  • R 1,980
    • 11-20 Licenses
    • Telviva One and Telviva Mobile
    • 2,000 Minutes to Local Destinations
    • R5,000 once-off deposit