Telviva One with Telviva Engage helps business improve customer service and digital experiences

Telviva One makes UC and enterprise-class PBX features cost-effective for small business

Telviva has introduced Telviva One Talk 500 Bundle, which gives up to 5 users access to a full-feature cloud-based PBX solution that includes unified communications (UC) functionality, the ability to use work numbers on smartphones through the Telviva Mobile app and bundled minutes. The Bundle not only helps small businesses enhance collaboration and productivity or help to begin their journey to the cloud, but gives them more financial certainty through a fixed price of R495 per month.

Let’s face it; not all small businesses that want a solution where you get charged as you consume – potentially resulting in bill shock at the end of the month – or do they want a solution that provides them with unlimited minutes (such as with Business in a Box or with Telviva’s Freedom Package). They know they have a low volume of calls, but want a more cost-effective option than using legacy lines or cellphones, and one that is more friendly on their budgeting and forecasting and provides improved customer service. 

With Telviva One, small businesses can further reduce their telephony costs by being part of South Africa’s largest cloud free-call community, meaning zero-rated calls to other users on the Telviva network. In addition, bundled minutes are not tied to each user with the 500 minutes being shared, which is especially convenient since some users might require more than 100 minutes per month, while others need less. They are also not limited to the initial talktime provided and stand to benefit from some of the most competitive rates on the market.

Companies stand to benefit further, as seamlessly integrating voice, video, messaging, contacts and calendars on one platform creates a more cohesive employee experience of communication and collaboration tools. No more switching between devices and platforms when it comes to engaging with colleagues or customers on their communication channel of choice.

Enterprise telephony features, now for small business

Since it is cloud-based, employees have access to business communications on any device at any time: Telviva One can work with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) desk phones (for voice only calls), on web browsers or through the Telviva One Mobile app (for voice and video conferencing), increasing reachability, enhancing business flexibility and enabling hybrid and remote working for employees. The Telviva One Mobile app is available for both Android and Apple users.

It’s not just a basic telephony service either, as Telviva One is a complete business communications tool that gives small businesses access to Class 5 PBX Features that were once exclusive to only large corporations. This includes caller line ID, smart call routing, call and numbers forwarding, call history, hunt groups, pick-up groups, feature codes, voice mail, multi-level interactive voice response (IVR) and much more. Then, there are useful paid add-ons for businesses, such as standard or regulatory compliant cloud-based call recording.

Making things easier, Telviva easily integrates with a company’s other business systems with no lock-ins. They can select  their preferred network and voice termination providers and handsets. Ultimately, this vendor-agnostic approach lets small businesses choose the most cost-effective option available to them. As it is cloud-based, companies can rapidly scale up or down depending on changing business requirements and even have different packages within the same organisation.

It is also quick to get started because of a relatively easy activation process in comparison to some alternatives, where small businesses have to worry about assigning licences, managing user policies and finding integration partners. Instead, they get easy access to a platform that is based on leading global technology and – because it is locally developed – is able to adapt to suit the requirements of local companies and respond quickly to customer needs.

Is your small business looking for a managed end-to-end business communications service that has low licensing costs, a quick setup time, bundled minutes, allows for third-party integration to enrich your experience and kick-starts your digital journey to the cloud – all from R495 per month? Click the “Chat Now” button to speak to us today.

By Clara Wicht and Rob Lith.