Be A Better Team Player With Microsoft Teams And Telviva

Every business day, approximately 145 million people make use of Microsoft Teams. The popularity of this platform is such that it is vying for the world’s top spot in the collaboration app category.

And linked with Telviva, via direct routing, the MS Teams experience is even better.

Make, receive and transfer calls directly in Microsoft Teams using Telviva's voice services.

The Telviva service allows you to talk from any computer or smart device, wherever you are. Also, you can enjoy all of Microsoft Teams’ best features on a single platform for all of your internal and external communications.

Telviva Communications

Easy installation

Simple configuration and deployment with a phased migration from a legacy PBX, depending on your needs. Get a direct inward dialling number for every user.

Save on all costs

Join SA’s largest cloud free-call community with zero-rated calls to any customer on the Telviva network, including other Telviva connected Microsoft 365 Teams tenants. But even if you’re calling non-Telviva customers, you’ll still receive highly competitive calling rates.

Telviva Communications
Telviva Communications

Smart features

Leverage Telviva features like audio conferences, call cost reporting and call recording (standard and compliant options available) you can either choose between Teams integrated or stand-alone extensions.