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Telviva Mobile

User Guide

Requirements & Network Optimisations

Download our Requirements & Network Optimisations guide for more information and instructions

Installation Guide

Download & Log In

Search for Telviva Mobile in the Apple App Store or Play Store & install (or follow the links)
*Currently not supported on Huawei.

On the first run you’ll see a screen like this to log you in:

Telviva CommunicationsTelviva Communications

You can visit from a desktop browser to log in on your own extension (login using your Telviva account details if necessary)

Telviva Communications

Alternatively, you can opt to use your username/password to log in to Telviva Mobile on the mobile device itself (using your Telviva system login).  * Note that root accounts are not supported

After login, you can select which extension you want to link if you have more than one.

Telviva CommunicationsTelviva Communications

Depending on your device you’ll be prompted for permissions to access the Microphone, Contacts etc.

On Android allowing phone calls is a bit roundabout at the moment, this will be addressed in a release soon

  • First set the contacts permission and allow Telviva Mobile to use your calling accounts
Telviva CommunicationsTelviva CommunicationsTelviva CommunicationsTelviva Communications
  • Also set the calls & Microphone access
Telviva CommunicationsTelviva CommunicationsTelviva CommunicationsTelviva Communications
  • For Android 10 you need to allow “Draw over other apps” to allow incoming calls to ring, please see the FAQ section for “Android 10”

Using Telviva Mobile

Making Calls

To make a new call using Telviva mobile:

  • Go to the “Dialler” tab
  • Enter the number or extension you need to call
  • Click to dial
Telviva CommunicationsTelviva CommunicationsTelviva Communications

In Calls

Whilst you’re in an active call, you can:

  • Mute your your microphone
  • Switch to speaker
  • Place the call on hold
Telviva CommunicationsTelviva CommunicationsTelviva Communications

Transferring Calls

Attended transfers are possible in Telviva Mobile by having two active calls and transferring the one call to the other active call. This can be achieved by:

  • Have one call active or answer the inbound call
  • To transfer the active call, go to the “Dialer” tab and dial a second number or initiate another call from the “Contacts” tab
  • The original call will be placed on hold and once the second call has been answered, you will have options to transfer the call
Telviva CommunicationsTelviva CommunicationsTelviva Communications

Set DSCP to ’46 (EF – Expedited Forwarding, Voice)’ for RTP

Video Overview



Car kits act in various different ways.  Telviva Mobile is compatible with Bluetooth and wired services, but there are some limitations.

  1. If you had synced your contacts with the car, the additional contacts(Google, Telviva Shared, etc) won’t display on the car screen, since only names stored natively on the device are synced.
  2. Outgoing calls will be made using the device sim card unless it is set (Android only) to always make calls using Telviva Mobile


There are known issues with Truecaller presenting the wrong name to the user.  Telviva Mobile passes the correct name into CallManager. If Truecaller is enabled as your dialler that notification goes to Truecaller.  It seems to ignore the name we pass and does a lookup of some sort in their own database with a sloppy match.

So the short extension codes match arbitrary other Truecaller users.

We discovered that if you go into the Truecaller app and tap the “i” button next to the call, there is a little pencil by the name and you can correct it.

Having done that it will show the corrected name.

You can also go to Settings > Apps&Notifications > Truecaller and turn off “Phone app”. However when incoming calls came in, Truecaller still overlays a caller id display but without any name.

Our advice is to disable Truecaller in order to have a better experience with Telviva Mobile.

Android 10 Considerations

Android 10 requires additional permissions to wake up from doze when receiving incoming calls.  Below is a video that runs through the permissions required for Android 10 to function correctly.

How much data does Telviva VoIP use?

VoIP calls use under 1Mb per minute.
With 1Gb you should be able to make over 16.5 hours worth of calls.


Props to @scruzmusic on for their public-domain audio samples

I couldn't find my answer here, how do I contact support?

You are welcome to contact Telviva Support on the following channels: