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Connect your on-site PBX and save money with the Telviva SIP Trunk voice termination service.
Enjoy world-class quality with a managed access link. With us, you’re always a step ahead.

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Cost savings on your solution as a whole

Pay as you use and join South Africa’s largest cloud free call community with zero-rated calls to all your connected branches and other Telviva customers.

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World-class managed services

Plug into VoipConnect: a fully managed, engineered and monitored access network optimised for real-time communication.

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Access link options

Bundle with a broadband internet connection that can scale to match your business or add a Voice VLAN to your existing network.

Ten facts to help demystify Session Protocol (SIP) Trunking

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It connects a company’s PBX or PABX to route calls via the internet.
One SIP Trunk supports many SIP channels.
A method of sending voice and other unified communications over the internet.
Allows companies to transmit and receive different types of data, including voice calls, text, and video.
Virtual phone lines make and receive calls to / from anyone with a phone number.
Number of SIP channels required depends on how many concurrent calls are anticipated.
It works as a digital version of the traditional phone line.
A SIP channel is equivalent to an incoming or outgoing call.
It works on a data network instead of the copper lines of the PSTN.
Irrespective of size, an organisation could only ever need one SIP Trunk; for redundancy, a customer could consider a second SIP trunk over a redundant network infrastructure.

Eight reasons to consider SIP Trunking

Telviva Communications
First step to the cloud.
Scalability – Easily add extra lines.
Keep your existing numbers.
Easy upgrade to omnichannel communications.
Easy set-up – no physical phone lines or hardware, just a reliable internet connection is needed.
Affordability – SIP Trunks significantly reduce the cost of business phone systems.
Leverage’s your IP network so no need to maintain a separate network for voice.
Lower Call Costs – Free on-net calls and international calls at a fraction of traditional fees.

Three most compelling reasons to consider SIP Trunking

Telviva Communications
Undeniable call quality.
Immediate and significant cost savings.
Future proof and a first step towards your journey to the cloud.

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Frequently asked questions

A cloud-based private branch exchange is a phone system that has been designed to connect an organisation’s employees to the public switched telephone network using a service that is hosted and managed in the cloud.

Unlike cloud-based systems, traditional PBXs require the use of on-site PBX equipment that needs to be managed and maintained by specialists.

With a cloud-based PBX, there is no need for on-site equipment, reducing upfront costs. It also means that the service can be easily scaled up or down to meet an organisation’s requirements, along with increased security.

Using a cloud-based PBX is ideal for organisations with many locations. With Telviva, they benefit further by being part of a free-call community, allowing for free and seamless inter-branch call transfers.

With Telviva One, users can access the service through a desktop VoIP phone, through a browser on their desktop or laptop, or through a mobile app on their smartphone.