Telviva Engage

Telviva Engage provides synchronised, multi-channel engagement, including web, social media and WhatsApp, fixed and mobile voice and chat.
With Telviva Engage, contact centres, customer service centres, and customer-facing teams have a single user-friendly view of all the channels on a browser they can access anywhere, on any device, for a more authentic, immediate customer experience.

Telviva Communications

Telviva Engage means leveraging every touchpoint for better customer service

Regardless of the communications options your customers prefer, with Telviva Engage, your customer-facing staff will be able to accommodate them with ease. 

Telviva Engage synchronises with your CRM system for added efficiency and productivity, thus maintaining data integrity with up-to-the-minute accuracy of customer information. All of which goes a long way in enhancing customer experience and improving your staff’s efficiency.

Telviva Communications

Live chat from anywhere

Get a customised live chat pop-up on your website or app, or add a hyperlink to invoice or support tickets.

Telviva Communications

Greater efficiency

Less call waiting and more instant assistance. In addition, the multi-chat option means that agents can manage many calls simultaneously.

Telviva Communications

Boost agent productivity

Present phases speed up responses and ensure brand integrity, with the option of adding chatbots to resolve simple queries to free up your agents.