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To be a competitive employer you need to offer telephony without constraints

When it comes to SMEs, the choice of business telephony ­ and the equipment that comes with it ­ is largely dictated by the owner of the business. Within larger companies, it is the CIO, the IT manager or the operations manager who has traditionally been in charge of key decisions. Increasingly, however, the end user is playing a powerful role in this decision making process by demanding flexible tools and solutions to communicate within ­ and outside of ­ the enterprise.

For example, employees want to communicate on any device, and from anywhere, at any time. Indeed, telecommuting, work-from-anywhere and BYOD are all concepts that have now become deeply embedded in our work culture. This means that businesses need to provide telephony to their employees without any major constraints.

For business owners, CIOs and IT managers, telephony without constraints can also mean streamlined communications, a reduction in telephony costs, scalability, robust features, increased productivity and improved customer service. A hosted PBX enables telephony without constraints, especially for owners and CIOs looking for efficiency and cost-­savings.

Cloud telephony, for example, can reduce telecoms costs by up to 30%; enable a business to scale and extend its services or extensions quickly and easily; and increase its operational efficiencies through unified communications.

With businesses of all sizes looking to future proof their operations, while also attracting and retaining top talent, making sure they have business telephony without any constraints should undoubtedly be a key focus.