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As any great business leader, athlete, or performer would insist, focus is the key to achieving any worthwhile goal or outcome. Without laser beam focus, the desired level of perfection can never truly be attained. Yet for entrepreneurs and small business owners, focus can be incredibly hard to maintain – even for a few hours, not to mention days or weeks. All too often, business owners get caught up in the chaos of daily operations – keeping staff on the right track, paying bills, dealing with landlords, fending off sales people, etc etc…They get roped into the small but urgent details, and distracted from their core role: driving the business forward.

Over the past decade, there has been a massive amount of change and innovation in the technology space. Without doubt, this has impacted almost every facet of the business environment – from operations, finances, and communications to HR management. Today, businesses are heavily reliant on small innovations that they could not possibly have foreseen several years ago. For example, the click-to-dial tool in emails and on websites has become a necessity for all types of businesses and services – and it is something that many business owners could not have even conceptualised when they first began operating.

When it comes to SMEs, the choice of business telephony ­ and the equipment that comes with it ­ is largely dictated by the owner of the business. Within larger companies, it is the CIO, the IT manager or the operations manager who has traditionally been in charge of key decisions. Increasingly, however, the end user is playing a powerful role in this decision making process by demanding flexible tools and solutions to communicate within ­ and outside of ­ the enterprise.