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When business owners find themselves negotiating leases and contracts with landlords and service providers, they often start on the back foot. Many are coerced into agreements that have hugely unfavourable terms, simply because they don’t know any better. Office telephony provides a classic example. When moving offices, or expanding into new and bigger premises, business owners are faced with questions around their existing PBX systems. What usually happens is that PBX providers convince business owners to purchase a new PBX system for the new space, and to sign a new, long-term contract.

When it comes time to move offices, PBX systems are usually the last thing on your mind. Faced with the countless headaches around moving into a new space and signing a new lease, office telephony tends to be overlooked. And when the question does arise, most business owners turn toward their existing PBX system – and investigate how to move it into the new space.

High-quality communication plays a great role in the contemporary world.It is not enough to use an ordinary phone and browse the global internet to start an efficient business.The goal is to decrease communication cost and, at the same time,  expand functionality. This can be done with the help of the latest systems.

One of the first things new business owners do when they set up shop is to have telephones installed. Then they have business cards printed with their company’s name, and – crucially – contact number/s on it. In many cases, that number becomes an intrinsic part of a business’s identity as it appears in print ads, Web pages and any sort of correspondence the company sends out to clients.