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Don’t get stuck with your old PBX system, start afresh!

When it comes time to move offices, PBX systems are usually the last thing on your mind. Faced with the countless headaches around moving into a new space and signing a new lease, office telephony tends to be overlooked. And when the question does arise, most business owners turn toward their existing PBX system – and investigate how to move it into the new space.

But as many frustrated business owners soon discover, attempting to move an existing PBX system is not only complicated, but also very costly. Firstly, PBX suppliers have little to no interest in assisting clients to move PBX systems. So when providing a quote, they will quote high. This shouldn’t come as a surprise – these are product based businesses that depend on making sales, so they would rather push business owners into an upgrade/new finance contract than arrange to move an existing PBX system. Moreover, these suppliers generally lack the required knowledge and expertise to safely move an existing system into new premises. Essentially, PBX suppliers are product-oriented businesses – they are not service oriented, and will always try to lock business owners into a new long-term contract, with a new premises based PBX, than make it easy to move an old one.

To solve this issue (and avoid getting stuck in the same scenario the next time around) business owners should consider a cloud-based PBX system. Cloud-based PBX providers are inherently service-based businesses, with a solutions driven approach. As a result, questions around uptime, handling and diverting call traffic, and of course, making a smooth transition to new premises, can all be answered with ease. Indeed, cloud-based PBX providers have dedicated account managers who have every incentive to ensure that office telephony requirements are met – around the clock, during and after a move. These solutions are designed with mobility in mind, hence removing all the usual headaches associated with moving into new premises.

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