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With customer experience (CX) becoming crucial to winning and retaining customers, companies are having to invest in omnichannel solutions in order to maintain their advantage. To help businesses gain the most value out of such platforms, Telviva delivers its contact centre solution as a managed service, rather than just a subscription for a software suite.  Delivering good CX requires more than just software; increased personalisation is key, while there are also compliance and regulatory requirements to be met as a result of working with personal information. As a managed service, companies can draw on Telviva’s extensive experience in deploying contact centre solutions and locally developing integrations with a variety of back-end systems, which is crucial to enhancing the customer experience. Businesses and contact centre operators also stand to benefit from dedicated local support teams and proactive support. Telviva's Managed Contact Centre as

In today's business environment, delivering a good customer experience (CX) has become the baseline. Yet, there are so many communications channels and tools available, where do organisations even start? It comes down to identifying where their customers are, before gaining the necessary insights in order to drive sustainable change that brings about business success. Retaining customers becomes especially crucial in the prevailing tougher economic conditions. Think of it, a business puts much effort and resources into winning customers and it is equally important to continue to deliver a good quality, personalised customer service in order to retain these customers. This is easier said than done: while 4 out of 5 organisations consider themselves to be customer-centric, only 1 out of 5 customers think that the brands they interact with are customer-centric.  This shows a stark disconnect between how the two parties view

Contact centres have for long seemed to have a bad reputation; people have dreaded them, while organisations themselves have tended to see them as a strain on their resources. However, advances in technology aren’t only empowering businesses to deliver better, more personalised services that customers are demanding, but it is now also enabling them to turn their contact centres from cost centres to value centres. Historically, call centres seemed like faceless organisations, process-driven and lacking any personalisation, but changing consumer behaviour requires that organisations respond accordingly. In fact, studies now show that the vast majority of customers view the experience a company provides to be as important as its products or services. Customers in the digital age want personalised service from brands, with the ability to initiate and continue conversations across multiple channels and not have to repeat themselves at each

The broader acceptance of cloud by local contact centres not only allows for integration with existing business systems, which enables remote or hybrid working, but also brings about the functionality to synchronise multiple communications channels in a single platform. This data-rich environment delights the customer through more personalised service and also ensures that the needs of agents, their supervisors and contact managers are fulfilled. It is no surprise that a growing number of businesses in South Africa are waking up to the fact that they need to provide a great customer experience if they are to stand out in a highly competitive market. They need to offer their clients the ability to engage on a platform that they are the most comfortable with using, be it social media, instant messaging, email or even through the plain old telephone.  As an added benefit,

South Africans are spending more of their lives online, and want to be able to interact with businesses in more ways than just phoning or emailing them – rather, they want to be able to use any channel of their liking, be it instant messaging, social media or real time chat. While this can seem daunting for business, investment in the right technology can empower their employees to better manage the whole process, provide a consistent level of service across channels, and even highlight areas for improvement.